“One of the most original, imaginative and gifted fiction writers in Africa, and arguably the best of her generation.” The Noma Award 2009

“Again and again Atta’s writings tugs at the heart, at the conscience. At the same time, reflecting the resilience of the Lagosians whose lives she explores, humour is almost constant, effervescent, most often satirical slant.” Sunday Independent
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Sefi Atta


Selected playsPublisher: Interlink Books (Sept, 2018)
Pages: 496 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1623719791
ISBN-13: 978-1623719791

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“This is contemporary family drama at its best: jam-packed with complex characters of largely middle class backgrounds; terse, witty dialogues that demonstrate Atta's skills at portraying genders and generations with widely differing aspirations; sibling rivalries, conjugal dynamics and meddling extended families; best friends and bad neighbours; and a whole plethora of religious practices and ethical mores which affect business ventures, professional conduct and personal relations. This and much more you will find in Atta's Selected Plays - a drama collection which offers thought-provoking entertainment for theatre lovers in Nigeria and the wider world today.” – Christine Matzke, University of Bayreuth, 2017

Commendations for Sefi Atta

“These plays are a delight to read . . . She is a revelation. ” – J.P. Clark, Daily Nigerian, 2017

“Well, let's take the current state of health of African drama. I sometimes check out productions by our young repertory companies and, quite recently, I was fortunate to see a production of one of Sefi Atta's plays - The Cost of Living. I had only known her as a novelist. Now I can hardly wait for her next theatre outing . . .” – Wole Soyinka, 2014

“She is one of the bright and shining lights in the theatre, with works that address and confront issues that currently plague our existence. ” – Patrick-Jude Oteh, Artistic Director, Jos Repertory Theatre, 2012

“She has a stunning ability to create characters that appear very much alive for readers and audiences alike. She creates characters that are intricate and deeply rooted in social reality.”
– Matthias Gehrt, Artistic Director, Drama Department of Theatre Krefeld and Mönchengladbach, 2012

: The Bead Collector

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